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Best in worcester

Paint protection film

"The Absolute Best in Paint Protection Ceramic Coating Window Tint & Auto Detailing"

Why choose ordinary when you can have Exceptional?!? Where good is not good enough! If your looking for a shop that will go the extra mile without being asked. Strive to reach levels that most feel are out of reach! And Take Pride in knowing we weren't found. We were Chosen to responsibly handle your automotive detailing protection and restyling needs!

5-Star Service Guaranteed!
Only @ Brightshine Auto Spa

"Ceramic Pro Worcester - Elite Dealer"

In an industry filled with many who claim to have the best processes products and practices. Ceramic Pro has specially vetted and curated the Best Most Talented and Highly Regarded Shops in the Country to represent their Brand of Unsurpassed Protection! We are proud to join this team of Elite Dealers across the nation as on of the industries finest Protection and Restyling shops! Why choose an Elite Dealer?

See The Team of Nation Wide Ceramic Pro Elite Dealers Here.

"The place looks amazing"

“I usually get my cars detailed once a year and have used multiple detail shops in the area. They all did a good job but none of them were able to make the shine really last.  I heard from a friend that Bright shine was opening and stopped by the place looks amazing and from what I have been told their quality not only looks great but holds up for a long time.”

Michael Johnson
Paint Protection Film

The Best New Car Protection.

In an industry filled with generic copycats – Kavaca stands alone. The world of paint protection film has been elevated, thanks to the recent launch of Kavaca, a revolutionary instant healing paint protection film, created by the global leaders in paint protection Ceramic Pro.

Using nano-technology and a proprietary blend of advanced materials, Kavaca Paint Protection film delivers INSTANT HEALING. This feature quickly repairs minor scratches without the need for heat guns or visits to the installation center. Instant healing is a new surface technology that has never been seen in the paint protection film industry

Want a Demo? Stop by our showroom to see Kavacas self healing technology in action!
Kavaca By Ceramic Pro - We Stand Alone!

Self Healing Technology
Almost Invisible
Industry Leading 12 Year Warranty
New Car Protection

You can either...

Damage your car and have to spend...
To repaint bumper
To repaint door
To repaint fenders
To repaint hood
Or save time and money.
Cost of paint protection film applied to bumper and headlights, preventing any damage

Select coverage

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Partial Front
  • Full Front Bumper
  • Hood & Fenders 18"
  • Side View Mirrors
  • Headlights & Fog Lights
  • Door Cups
Starts at $1350
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Full Front
  1. Full Hood
  2. Full Fenders
  3. Full Front Bumper
  4. Side View Mirrors
  5. Headlights & Fog Lights
  6. Door Cups
Starts at $1995
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Full Vehicle
  • Full Hood, Roof and Trunk
  • Full Driver and Passenger Side
  • Full Quarter and Rocker Panels
  • Side View Mirrors
  • Headlights & Fog Lights
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Full Vehicle
  • Full Hood
  • Full Fenders
  • Full Front Bumper
  • Side View Mirrors
  • Headlights & Fog Lights
  • Door Cups
  • Ceramic Pro New Ion Exchange Coatings
  • Body Wheels Glass - Lifetime Warranty
  • More info here https://ceramic-pro.com/ion/
Starts at $3600
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