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21’ Audi S5’s Navarro

There is something about this 21’ Audi S5’s Navarro Metallic Blue Paint that I just can’t keep my eyes off of it!

This project certainly had a few more moving pieces than most but with our clients trust and a bit of a

. I think it was pulled off in away only this team could!

We started with an in person consultation and after careful deliberation between repaint or touch up PDR or Panel Replacement PPF or Ceramic coating we came up with a great plan and the finished results I think were spot on! Everything we expected and more!

Pre Delivery Off Site Wheel Repair

5 Panel PDR Work

Multi Stage Paint Correction

Single Panel Wet sanding and Refinishing deeper scratches through base coat followed by

Color Matched Touch Up and Heavy Road Rash Repair

Full Gloss Enhancement Machine Polish

45% Ultimate IR Ceramic Window Tint Installed

Protected with Ceramic Pro Gold Package - Ultimate Ion Coatings on Paint Glass & Wheel Faces

5 Day Turn Around - Mission Success

Only @ Brightshine Auto Spa